Day 167 – Invercargill rest day

Date: 10 March 2021

Too wet. Too sore. Going back to sleep now.

11am picture: Very cheesy and golden omelette from Global Bite. However they clearly don’t trust a bedraggled guy with dirty shorts and crocs with their coffee mugs
It’s a bit rude that they specifically charge TA walkers 50 cents extra for a milkshake, but I still paid it.

5 thoughts on “Day 167 – Invercargill rest day

  • i bet you are enjoying having a change of food
    it looks good.You certainly had some different areas
    to tramp through. Well done enjoy the rest matt.

  • Matt – I followed you from afar last year and was bummed you had to bail in Q’town. Quite by chance I checked the blog again this afternoon – and what a sight for sore eyes 🙂 !! I have spent the afternoon catching up and enjoying once again the quirky humour, 11 am photo, and TA commentary. Well done on your achievement. I had been planning on being a NOBO this year – but COVID has kept me close to home on Vancouver Island (Canada) wishing I had escaped back to my NZ homeland when I had the chance last year. Oh well, safety first and all that. I hope the feet heal fast (cake and ice cream in liberal quantities should help!!) . Cheers. Jeff

    • I’ve finished now but my feet are still in quite bad shape! Nothing that time won’t heal though. Thanks for reading!

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