Day 41 – rest day

Date: 5 November
Croctober – 31 days of comfort, style & crocs

After my 58km walk yesterday, I had to be careful in the shower. I was sunburnt, red from chafing, I had a new blister on my foot from the running shoes, and a strange rash on both my feet. But yet, no pain that concerned me – hooray. When you have a very light pack, it’s definitely much easier to do a long distance. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought that the rash on my feet was because I had a cheaper laundry detergent in the house that my skin didn’t like. It was gone by the end of the day.

I went to have breakfast in Newmarket and I passed the Crocs store. I saw this display in the window – “Croctober – 31 days of comfort, style & crocs”. I can’t believe I missed “croctober”. Now all I have is “movember”.

And I don’t like the phrase “comfort, style & crocs” – the way I read this is that crocs are neither comfortable nor stylish. We all know that isn’t true!

I also couldn’t stop thinking about the tiny ice-cream I got last night from Sal’s. I had to do something about that.


That’s not an ice-cream. THIS is an ice-cream.

I went to Bangkok Rolled Icecream on Karangahape Road. And I got a real icecream. Actually, I tried to go there during one of my previous rest days but I got there at lunchtime and didn’t realise that it doesn’t open until 2pm. Afterwards, I wished I got a chocolate icecream instead of the tropical one that I did get, but it was still good.

In the evening, I went and had dinner and drinks with friends. But now I’m gonna make sure I get an early night because I have to get up early to catch the first train in the morning. Although it’s Guy Fawkes and with all the fireworks going off around me, it might be hard to sleep.

10 thoughts on “Day 41 – rest day

  • Matt,

    I have followed your Blog from day one with great interest. I live in OZ and spend a week or 2 in NZ each year playing sport. I intend on tramping the TA in the first year of my retirement almost 5 years away.

    I do at least 2 bush walks a week with 20km being my longest distance so far, I am using these early years to trial equipment and cloths, so far I’m using a day pack with 6-7 kilos.

    I intend on following you until you finish whatever point that is, all of the detail I have read thus far has done nothing but inspire me to work towards this magnificent goal.

    Good luck

    • That’s nice to hear, thanks! Sounds like once it comes time to start you’ll be well prepared, unlike me, as you’ve probably read already I just threw myself in at the deep end to see what happens! I hope to be following you in 5 years time!

    • And the funny thing is, I saw your email address in the subscriptions list but until now I actually thought you were my friend Peter from Hamilton. He has the same surname as the one in your email address!

  • My goal for the next year is to get into K Road to get one of those ice creams! Not quite as magnificent as your goal…. 🙂

  • OMG, K Rd! That brings back memories, I used to work at Family Bar and I lived on the top floor of what is now Calendar Girls. It was the Naval & Family back then though. Anyway, really enjoying the blog. We’re hoping to do the trail post-Covid and it’s a big help to work out what we’d be letting ourselves in for 🙂

      • Not anymore, I was only in NZ on a working holiday visa maaaaany years ago now 🙁 I still have mates in Auckland though and I really hope I can get back soon. My partner has never been to NZ, I’d love for her to see it 🙂

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