Day 81 – Wellington rest day

Date: 15 December
Weather: hilariously windy

I was hoping to meet my friends David and Kelly today but it turned out that wasn’t possible. So I had an unexpected chance to just wander around Wellington and take in the sights.

I walked back past my old apartment building from when I used to live here.

54 Hill St, Thorndon

The most memorable thing that happened while I used to live here was one day when I woke up at 7am to the fire alarm, and looked out into the hallway to find the building actually was on fire. So I got into the closest clothes I could grab and got out of there. They wouldn’t let anyone back in to the building for several hours after the fire was put out so I had to turn up at my office job that morning in a ragged shirt and tracksuit pants. Luckily when I showed them this news article about the fire, they believed I wasn’t just making it up.

I went for a walk again through the Botanic Gardens, and this time I took a few photos.

Wellington rose gardens

I have seen the rose gardens in Te Awamutu and Palmerston North, and now the one in Wellington also, in the Botanic Gardens. They’re pretty cool.

Rose gardens

By chance I came across Ethan in the main street and he said that everyone got very drunk last night and was very hungover today. So I definitely won’t be having a drink with them today by the sounds of it. At least by pure chance I got to say goodbye to him before he flies back to the USA tomorrow. Bon voyage, Ethan!

A cute little French Bulldog who really wanted to come and say hi

I spent the morning getting a few geocaches and searching out a good milkshake. I found this place that Kathryn recommended. Can’t quite work out what its name is though.

They rent out the crocodile bikes on the left there

They have some ridiculous shakes.

I didn’t get this one – it belongs to the table next to me who shared it between four

The wind was so bad today that people coming into this shop looked like they’d literally just walked out of a tornado.

Nice Pohutukawas on Oriental Parade

As I walked around I noticed Wellington has some strange business names.

“Zero Cool Haircuts”? Does that mean they’ve never done a cool haircut, and therefore you’re guaranteed to get an uncool one?
“Not For You”? Ok I guess I won’t bother going in there then!

Later I went and had a late dinner with my friend Paul and he interviewed me about my time on the trail 😁 it was nice talking to someone who knows so much about the tracks I’ve been walking on – Paul is an extremely outdoorsy type of guy!

Anyway time to get some sleep. I’ve got to check in an hour early for the ferry in the morning, which leaves at 8am. What’s up with that??

My favourite view of The Beehive with Te Ahumairangi Hill in the background. I used to see this view every day when I walked home from work on the waterfront.

6 thoughts on “Day 81 – Wellington rest day

  • 2317 and just read all your blogs. Huge congrats Matt, been rewarding reading band viewing all your pics. Really looking forward to the South Island section which I hope to do myself later.

  • Merry Christmas Matt! I absolutely love reading your blog. You are so positive and un-fussed about things ( except maybe road signs.) It is awesome you are doing the South Island. I hope your toe is going to be okay. It will be interesting who you are going to meet on the next leg of the walk. Kia Kaha.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!! You made it. Great achievement Matt. What a fantastic journey, and to have followed you along the trail through all your blogs has been such fun. It’s been great getting to see and learn through you, so much interesting information about all sorts of things, and enjoying all the beautiful views, and of course getting to see the people you meet up with along the way too. I look forward to reading the adventures that await you in the South Island. Meanwhile a well deserved rest awaits. And of course a Big Happy Christmas.

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